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Monday, August 30, 2010

pie crust

Making pie crust is so simple. It just makes sense to know how to make it. The Pioneer Woman is a wealth of knowledge, and it's her pie crust recipe that adorns my pies (all 2 that I've ever made, but I'll be honest, they were both beautiful and delicious beyond measure.) and my chicken pot pies.

This recipe is simple:
1.5 cups Shortening (Crisco)
3 cups of flower
1 egg
5 tbsp cold water
1 tbsp vinegar
1 tsp salt

It makes 3 pie crusts, and since no pie ever needs 3 you can freeze the rest till you need them.

Start by cutting the shortening into the flour. I'll be frank and say I can't find my pastry cutter, no idea how i misplace it, but whatever. I used a potato masher. I actually hound that I liked using it better, sshhh don't tell anyone.

 Whisk and egg and mix in the water and vinegar. The original recipe called for white vinegar, but I don't like the way white vinegar smells so I never use it. I use apple cider vinegar instead, for everything that calls for it.

And I don't care if you think that's weird. It's not. It's my kitchen. Your name isn't Potter.

If it is we should meet. I'd like that.

I have a crush on these Pyrex dishes. I use them for everything. I am not a chef, I don't pretend to be. I do however understand the concept of love and this is it. You can make portions of dishes and bake them separately, when I make chicken pot pie I'll be making it in these, they are microwaveable, dishwasher safe and hold a surprisingly large amount of cheese. They really are wonderful.

After you add the egg and other wet stuff mix it with a wooden spoon because wooden spoons are so fun. It'll have become more doughy and flaky. Just make sure you get all the flour from the bottom of the bowl.

Once you get it all mixed and perfect separate it into 3 portions.You need to freeze it for at least 30 minutes before you use it to make sure that when you bake it it's really flaky. Put the portions in bags and flatten them with  a rolling pin, a cup, or just smash them with your hands.

I'll be posting apple pie and how to make it as well as chicken pot pie and how to make that sometime later this week. Crust is the hardest part, if you can do that you can do anything!

Ugh, Monday... At least there is pie in your future.

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  1. Oh no, memories of cooking classes at school. I was terrible, i made an apple pie once and the teacher gave me 4 out of 10. It was a sad looking pie i can tell you that. I might just use your recipe and have another go!